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Vince Livings

Vince Livings / CEO

I've been a hardcore gamer my entire life and I'm extremely passionate about making games that are fun to play. After working as an artist and art director at some large and small game studios, I wanted to get back to fun game design. Glowstick Games is the start of my goal to build the next great game company. Today, games are more social and immersive than ever thanks to new markets and awesome new tech (like the Oculus Rift). Gamers can now access their favorite games pretty much anywhere and on any device. As a company, we will strive to deliver immersive and fun new experiences across all genres and all platforms. To me, the ultimate measure of our success will be whether or not people still want to share our games with friends and family years from now. Previously worked at Neopong Software (World Reborn – Nintendo GBA), EA Sports (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010- Nintendo Wii), Zynga (Frontierville, Castleville – Facebook), Concept Art House (League of Legends PC, Arena of Heroes MOBA – PC, Mercenaries, Adera for Xbox Kinect), and Red Hot Labs (Bingo Blast – iOS/Android).

Mark Handerson

Mark Henderson / CTO

I got into the games industry as a bright eyed college grad wanting to make the entire world a happier place. I also wanted to become fabulously wealthy, or at least have a steady job. After a few years in the industry, I've realized it's really hard for businesses to focus past the "fabulously wealthy" part and actually make guiltless and fun games. Vince and I both agreed that the player's experience should be the top priority when making a game, so we founded Glowstick Games. I want to make games that people will love the first time they play it, and will still love when they dig it out a decade later for a late night nostalgia fest. I also want to make some games that I feel unconditionally proud of. Previously worked at Zynga (Farmville for 1.5 years, then a game engine team for 1.5 years), and Red Hot Labs (ios / android games).



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